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I couldn't believe it

Follow the link.  It's true that under 25's get paid less in Britain for the same work.  I had thought probably that the living wage didn't apply until 20 (still mean) but fancy having to manage on so little for another five years.  So I hope all my readers in the U.K. will get out their internet pens and sign the petition.
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Nowadays I live in a flat with no garden, but I used to have quite a big vegetable garden.  I grew broad beans and runner beans and black currants and gooseberries and raspberries and potatoes and probably other things that I have forgotten. With gardening there is need of hard work and lots of patience.  First you have to choose the right time of year to prepare the ground.  When it is a fine tilth in the Spring you sow your seeds.  You have to put the seeds in at the right depth.  Bigger seeds need to go down deeper than tiny seeds.  If the tiny seeds are too deep they will not be able to germinate and grow to the surface.  Once they are sown you have to wait for them to germinate and break through to the surface.  You do not keep digging them up to see how they are doing.  This is a great example of sowing the seed of God's word in a friend's heart.  You must sow the seed at the right time having prepared the ground with friendship and care. Then comes the part we find the …


I think we are all addicted to something.  Some people are addicted to their work.  There are the obvious addictions like cigarettes, alcohol and gambling. I don't actually gamble but I'm addicted to thinking what I would do with lots of money. That makes me cross with myself because I believe God is in charge of all the money in the world and if He wants to give me some He will.  But sometimes I just want to give Him a hand, make it easy for Him.  Stupid women is anything too hard for God? I sometimes think I am addicted to writing this blog.  I love to see how many of you are visiting. I used to be addicted to playing Spider Solataire.  You wouldn't believe the hours I wasted on it.  Then I gave it up so that I could spend the time on learning Russian.  I guess now I am addicted to that! I used to play Farmville and that got out of hand.  When I escaped it was such a relief. I have a friend who was addicted to buying books and reading them in alphabetical order of author…

The joy of decluttering

There is something liberating about sorting things out, throwing away the really worthless things and taking good things, which you really do not want to go on cluttering up your life, to the charity shop for someone else to enjoy. I am one of life's hoarders but over the past year I have done a marvelous job of sorting things out and getting rid of them one way or another.  What amazes me is how much stuff I still have.  It is also a good thing to sort through what is really important about our beliefs and to give the heave ho to things we once thought important and so leave room to major on the really important things.  But if you do do this make sure you don't throw out the baby with the bath water, especially if that baby is Jesus, God's own son.

My experience of Universal Credit

Well really this is the story of a friend whom I helped through the tricky process of getting on to Universal Credit. My friend had her work as a carer disappear.  She had no transport so could only work in her local vicinity.  I persuaded her she needed to get help from the Job Centre and together we went to town, incidentally there was only public transport on a Friday, so she relied on friends to get her to town.  First we went to apply for housing benefit but we were told this could not be done until universal credit was sorted.  We went to the job centre just up the road.  There she was told she must apply online.  Before the look of horror could spread across her face I said,"It's o.k. I can do that for you." How many others in her age bracket who are not familiar with a computer do not have a friend to help out.  Always it is the weaker and more vulnerable who cannot cope with these things. Once we had got her signed up, the difficult six weeks had to be endured w…

Simple Pleasures

Today has been good.  I have spent over an hour studying Russian, mostly writing a letter to a friend in Yaroslavl.  It is not complete yet as I need to check the grammar.  Next I popped over to the Baptist Church where they usually have coffee on Wednesday mornings. In the afternoon I met a friend at a local garden centre and had a large coffee.  If you have read my previous post tonight you will know that the coffee was not a good idea, but the friendship was.  This evening another friend came to my flat and she had coffee, but I had realized by now that it was doing me no good. I had a nice glass of water and apple juice. I was able to keep my friend interested by showing her photos of Russia taken by my travelling companion.  Great photos, great memories, a great day.

Feeling peculiar!

Do you sometimes feel peculiar and yet can't quite think why?  Think caffeine. Today I felt like that and then realized I had had more coffee than I usually do. Problem solved.  Since I made the discovery I have been drinking water copiously.  I had this happen several years ago.  I travelled about thirty miles to play quartets with some friends.  After a while we took a break and the host gave us coffee.  She asked if we wanted leaded or unleaded.  I said unleaded but perhaps I dropped my voice at the beginning.  Three large mugs later I was not sure whether to drive home or not, but I did without any problem.  It is amazing how much effect a bit of caffeine can have. I am feeling much better already.  From now on it's only one mug of coffee a day for me, either that or buy myself some decaff.