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This is who is visiting me now

Canada 57 United States 9 Germany 5 United Kingdom 3 Belgium 1 Brazil 1 France 1 Peru 1 Romania 1   When I was young I used to wonder if I would be a missionary.  Would I go to darkest Africa or somewhere in India.  It all depended on the current visiting missionary on furlough.  For a while I was interested in Lebanon and later in Nepal.  There was no way I could have believed you then if you had told me I would be able to write about Jesus to people all over the world, at the same time and with no stamps involved (you know those little squares of sticky paper you can put on envelopes.) But here I am and there you are and I do hope I am bringing blessing into life with my blog. As you see I am not going viral, but if someone is being blessed I am happy. Sorry I let you slip Romania.
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What a sad but fascinating story David Attenborough told us tonight.  Jumbo was a young African elephant brought to England in the mid 1880's.  He was taken to London zoo.  He had a devoted keeper but had a very bad diet and was used to give rides to several people at once. He also did not have the company of any other elephants which must have been very lonely for him. Attenborough tracked down his skeleton in New York and listened to the findings of scientists who pointed out the tale tell signs in his bones.  Also there were stories of the time of Jumbos rage at night and this seems to have been due to toothache, too many sticky buns and not enough fibre.  The people then , including Barnum the circus owner, were not as aware as we are of the needs of elephants, but we have no excuse, elephants need to be kept in their country of origin where they can live out their lives in the company of their own families.When we have a world where people exploit people it is not surprizing …

The Blue Planet

This is a beautiful programme to watch but sad because of the impact we are having on the ocean,  Why can the makers not see that people are sinners and this is the problem.  They are desperately trying to solve the problem of our rubbish and its impact on the sea, but they are choosing to ignore the Bible which tells us that the earth is headed for destruction.  Man thinks that he can solve the problem but he cannot.  He can only make sticking plaster solutions.  The good news is that God has said he will make new heavens and an Earth.  That will be glorious and unaffected by sin. Perhaps we will be able to swim under water, certainly unhampered by diving gear.  I hope to see you there.

How can I say that Jesus forgives our future sins?

We always think in terms of time, the here and now, but God is not limited by time, He invented it not for Himself but as a framework for us to live in, He knows everything that has ever happened or will ever happen.  If you are His He has forgiven you everything.  God is not surprised tomorrow when you fall.  He does not say,"I am so disappointed in Liz, she has sinned again. I didn't see that coming." He knows.  Now sin is no small matter, it sent Jesus to the cross.  Sin is a huge barrier between us and God which only trusting in the death of Jesus can wipe away. So we should never treat our sins as unimportant little blips, but we should never let them crush us under their weight, because we are forgiven.

Joy or disappointment

If you had joy in your heart because Jesus has saved and someone else has crushed that joy by telling you how bad your sin is, be crushed no longer.  Jesus has forgiven your sins, even the ones you haven't committed yet!  He wants you to fully know the joy of sins forgiven.  Don't fear the future, He is with you.  He knows the way you are going and He knows He will turn the sins into lessons He wants to teach you.  If you are His He will always forgive you and never desert you no matter what you do.  So step into the future trusting Him to keep you no matter what is up ahead and don't listen to those who want to pull you apart and criticize you, they are on dangerous ground because you are a precious child of the King.

As far as the east is from the west

When you repent and put your trust in Jesus He forgives you and God forgets your sin and puts it away as far as the East is from the West. That's a very long way as there is no East pole or West pole. If you travel East you can keep going forever and never find an end to it and so it is travelling West. Once you are forgiven no one has the right to delve into your sin and remonstrate with you over it, but some will try,  You may think your sin is a particularly bad one, but all sin is bad and an affront to God.  All that other christians need to know is that you are a sinner saved by grace by faith in Jesus.  If God has forgotten your sin so should your fellow believers.

Using Russian of Necessity

I have been learning Russian for more than a year now.  Like most Brits I am shy of using another language other than English.  I desperately want to, but it is just too easy to let the other person speak English, especially when they are so accomplished at it.  Today, however, I had an encouraging experience; at the bus stop was a lady and after a while I said something to her in English, naturally.  She indicated that she did not speak English.  I asked if she was Polish, she said Lithuanian.  A light dawned and in Russian I asked if she spoke Russian and she did and a little conversation took place between us which we otherwise could not have had.  I have a Russian friend but she speaks excellent English so the incentive to use Russian is just not there. I need to get out of my cozy little village and find some Russian speaking people who are not good at English.  Two things could happen; I could improve my Russian and now as I am a qualified teacher of English as a foreign languag…